Signs of Cerebral Attack and How to Do When Happen

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What is Cerebral Attack:

In the brain, there may be a stroke if the blood supply interferes. Brain cells are extremely sensitive. If there is a problem of oxygen or blood supply, then these cells are damaged and these sections can be paralyzed for the parts that control the body. It is called cerebral attack.

Stroke type:

The stroke is usually two types. An ischemic stroke, the other is hemorrhagic stroke. Hemorrhagic stroke, if the blood supply is low in the brain, it has an ischemic stroke and bleeding in the brain.

cerebral attack

Differences between Cerebral Attack and Heart attack:

Stroke and heart attack are two different things. When the brain is bleeding or bleeding is stopped, it is a brain stroke. Because the stroke is only in the brain, it is called cerebral attack. Heart attacks are in the heart. The blood vessel block is usually a heart attack. The patient suffering from a heart attack will be taken to the specialist of the veterinarian and the patient with the stroke, to the neurologist.


cerebral attack

Signs of Cerebral Attack:

1. One side of the face can be twisted – it is possible signs of stroke
2. If the patient does not catch the two hands equally, then it also signs the stroke.
3. If the word is unclear or implied, then it is a possible symptom of stroke.
4. Feel confused to understand and answer.
5. Feeling weak in any part of the body. Usually there is such a problem at one side of the body.
6. Feel severe headaches.
7. Difficult to see one or both eyes or blurred.
8. Difficulty swallowing food If such symptoms occur, the patient will have to move quickly to hospital without wasting time.

Who are at risk:

Cerebral attack is usually older than older men. Those who are more at risk of developing stroke, they are usually related to diseases
1. High blood pressure
2. High cholesterol levels
3. Diabetes
4. Excess fatness
Besides, excessive smoking, drinking habits, family history increases the risk of stroke.

How to Prevent Cerebral Attack:

To prevent stroke, know about the risk of stroke.
* High BP should be kept under control.
* If you have an incompatibility with blood pressure, you should consult the doctor.
* Oil or fatty foods should be excluded and cholesterol should be kept under control.
* Diabetes should be kept under control and tested regularly.
* Regular Light Exercise or walk for at least 30 minutes at least every day. Body weight should be kept under control.
* Do not worry too much.
* Refrain from smoking.
* Stay away from alcohol or liquor. According to the nutritional supplements, eat healthy foods according to the body’s needs.

Do Exercise regular to prevent attack.

Some Top Product that prevent attack.

You Need to Do When Cerebral Attack Happen:

cerebral attack

★ As soon as the symptoms of the streak show up, consult a specialist doctor.
★ If the patient has difficulty breathing or when breathing is stopped, then face breath.
★ If vomiting, the head should be tilted on one side. No food or water can be fed to the affected person.
★ The patient will have to be transferred to hospital as soon as possible.

Signs of Cerebral Attack and How to Do When Happen
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